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Black Lightning: stock to sport swapable

ok i got my mosin a few years ago, when i first shot her she shot low left, which was odd, but her accuracy was apparent at 1 inch groups at 100

i then began a project that i hoped would succeed,as she is my first i did not want to damage or alter her permanently. so i devised this swapable idea

my Black lightning goes into its regular stock easy in and out and it has a boyds stock and other goodies when i want to distance shoot as well as illuminated scope for night shooting. it takes a few minutes to swap between modes but totally reversable mosin, im also able to use the irons while i have a scope thanks to the brass stacker i have a blog of this mosin in the curos and relics section if you wanna check out its journey. i love my mosin and she seems to be very accurate on irons, im hopeing with the scope ill move my range to 300-400 like on my m1a. but she is my favorite gun and i feel lucky to have found her.

below Pics of rifle is the targets pic

scout scope

Red dot scope

70 yards with red dot

First shooting at 100-200 yrds

swapped stocks
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