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@ tobnpr , love the stock , i like how you cammo-ed it out im trying to do a tiger camo on my original stock, scope looks great how'ed you mount it?

@stu925 , nice clean rifle , did you have any rust issues? mine had one under the barrel guard

@emcon5, envy D:, that looks very GOOOD, hows the accuracy on the tula?

@Tempest 455, awsome name, mosinator , i like the stock your using it looks like a normal hunting rifle now, very good work

@Erno86, nice find and i hope if you sell you get a good amount of cash back, i wanna see it now it sounds awsome

so far im loving you mosins, and what youve done with them , they all look well loved

im interested by curiosity by tahunua001 not telling us his , its a mystery!

now my mosin is odd it swaps between a normal mode and its sport mode ill post it after this
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