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So what makes the HP a gun people enjoy shooting?
A few reasons:
* Compared to other pistols of the same era, it was sleek, reliable, accurate, and easy to manipulate. Compare it to an Astra, P38, Makarov, Luger, etc.
* Good ergonomics, it points very naturally and the trigger is in the right place.
* Very durable in service, making it one of the most enduring 9mm service pistols in the world. 75 years is a long time for service weapons (rifles or pistols).
* Like most of JMB's designs, it is very intuitive to operate and field strip, making it a favorite of armorers and troops.
* The magazines are easy to load, and they hold lots of ammo (again, compare to the Astra, P38, Makarov, Luger, etc).
* Compared to other pistols of that era, it is easy to manufacture. Maybe not on the same scale as injection molded ABS plastic, but compared to other steel pistols of its era.
* Plus, they are just flat sexy looking.
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