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I would ask one question.

Do you now or do you have any desire in the future to hunt?

It isn't a deal breaker either way, there are folks who hunt with semi-auto sidearms; but in the hunting fields revolvers are -generally- the rule and semiautos -generally- the exception.

What I have found is it takes a lot of range time to stay sharp with one type of sidearm, be it semiauto or double action revolver or single action revolver. Staying sharp/ competent/ "on" with two kinds of sidearms takes even more range time.

Personally I do hunt, my wife hunts, some of my children hunt, I dropped the hammer on about 3000 rounds of DA revolver last year just for personal use.

For me personally, I just in the last month or so bought a SA revolver for CCW.

For me personally, when I shoot DA revolver I let my wrist rock a little bit so part of the recoil goes into rotating the gun instead of slamming into me. When I shoot SA revolver I let the whole gun rotate in my hand - the hammer spur ends up right beside my thumb. When I shoot semi-automatic I stove pipe a lot.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I figure I am going to need about 5k rounds in my new SA to get really good with it, and probably another 1-2k to stay "on" with my existing DA. There are folks who can pick up any old sidearm, SA, DA s-a and burn the barn down with it. I am just not that good a shooter, and admit to envying the folks who can do it.

For me as a hunter expanding my side-arm muscle memory from DA to DA and SA opens up the possibility of some really nice SA hunting guns in my future.

In the short term, I feel the best choice for summertime CCW for me -already comitted to .45Colt and already comitted to DA hunting sidearms - is short barrel SA.

If you aren't going to hunt there are a bajillion good quality dependable semi-autos to consider, and they have a lot going for them; mostly fast high round count reloads.
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