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My favorite Mosin {one of three}, is an authentic 1943 "Izzy" M91-30 sniper with a 3.5 PU scope. It has a beautiful dull finish, with camouflage pattern burnt saw marks in the stock, that reminds me of the same camo pattern of a tiger shark.
Sorry...but I still don't know how to post a picture of it.
The bolt's ride, works as smooth and slick, as if it's riding in melted Normandy butter.

It shoots 1 3/4" moa @ 100 yards, with corrosive N-1 Russian sniper ammo.

According to the NRA...the correct pronunciation for the Mosin Nagant, is "Moseen Nagon."

I bought the rifle at a gunshop {Duffys Gun Room in Maryland} about 6 years ago, for about $500...I figure it's worth about at least $900 now.

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