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Weighing the choice - sell ammo to finance new pistol Opinions?

I got a decent deal on some 223 ammo, which leaves me with 2100 rounds in the safe.
1k is a case of lake city 55grain brass, and the other 1100 is a mix of American eagle tactical 55 grain, lake city 55 grain and 62 grain, 100 rounds of 69 grain match, and about 100 cheap steel wolf.

First off - the current climate is making my ammo hoarding nerve twitch.. But, facing some reality - I like to shoot my AR just like every one else, but I don't blow through more than 100 rounds or so in a range session, more often less, as I often shoot with a couple buddys and their AR's and, as when any 2 or more guys get together, it's competition - and the bet's on for the best shots and groups. I did the bump fire thing at first and blew through rounds like water, but I got that out of my system.

The other side of the coin - I've been hunting for 3 things.
1. A lighter weight 22 pistol
2. Middle weight 38 spl or 357 revolver
These are to help get the wife and the 14 year old daughter into shooting. They're both tiny things - and alot of the semi auto grips are kinda big for them.
3. Iv'e also got the hots for a sig 238 or 938 real bad...

Sooooo.... I'm debating putting either the case or the loose rounds up in trade/partial trade for one of the three.
I also have 11 mags. 3 are pmags (new) and the others are USGI 20's and 30's - I'm mulling 3 of them over as well.

Thoughts - ideas? Am I being dumb and greedy, Should I jump on a trade, or hoard it and gamble on another price hike..

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