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Allaroundhunter, the shooters physics has to be included because it determines how much the rifle's barrel moves while the bullet's going down the barrel. Nobody holds a shoulder fired rifle exactly the same way for every shot. More recoil means more irregular shooter and rifle movement during barrel time. Therefore, nobody shoots a rifle off their shoulder as accurate as the rifle will shoot from a machine rest.
I thought we were talking inherent accuracy of the cartridge? If that is the case, then yes, you must take the shooter out of the equation as he is not the variable that is being tested.

Sierra's 30 caliber 220-gr. HPMK bullet's BC is only .629; there's a higher one made by Sierra; the 240-gr. HPMK at .711. I think you made a typo.
You are correct there, I apologize. I did intend to type that the 240 gr SMK has a BC of .711
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