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Black Powder Cartridges

I Shoot Cowboy Action at a couple of clubs. Been doing it for just over 2 years now and loving it.

I have always shot smokeless and want to move to Black Powder cartridges.

I recently tried using Cap n Ball but the shooting pace between stages is too fast for me to help with range duties and reload my guns, even with a press.

So, I sent my Colt's Sig. Dragoons off and had Kirst Konverters installed and have been testing them out with great success using smokeless rounds.

Now i'm ready to load up some BP rounds and give it a go.

I'm thinking of getting a "Big Lube" bullet mold in the hopes that sending more lube down the tube will minimize the need to swab out fouling between stages?

I have to make rounds for 2 revolvers and 1 rifle (all 45colt). I'd prefer to not have to taylor rounds specific to handguns and rifles but rather one round to work with either.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Side note out of curiosity, can round balls be loaded in shells with any expectation of success?
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