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I was never planning on owning anything other than 1911's and revolvers - (not for any snob reason, just loved those two models)

But I stumbled onto a HiPower deal that was too good to pass up. Once I picked it p, I knew it belonged in my hand. Darn thing is certainly not a light gun, but it sure did feel nice. Once I got it to the range - I have never shot a pistol so well, the first time I handled it.

It's the one gun I have that I can grip correctly on instinct alone. all my other handguns require me to make a slight adjustment, or at least double check my grip for bullseye shooting. (although I will admit that that is most likely a function of experience)

my .02 on what makes it special?
I like the lines. Like the 1911, (okay - I'm still all about the 1911's Style, IMO that is websters textbook definition) it's got a great looking design, nearly iconic in itself. It also shoots well for me. I went from "okay - it's a good deal and I can sell it in a heartbeat if I don't like it" to "I will never sell this as long as I'm breathing" in one magazine.
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