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Actually, they were only $18.99, and still less than $26 per thousand even with shipping and the hazmat fee.
Lucky you...

Now they're over $35/box... Large Rifle Primers 1000/box

This is getting ridiculous. I like to shoot, but know was already expensive enough for myself and my sons to go send 300 rounds in a day's shooting. They keep up this gouging, I'm going to take up golf.

Eff em. Once all the hoarders are stocked up, I think the manufacturers are going to see a lot of stuff start sitting on their shelves and prices will return to their prior levels, which were always a function of supply and demand.

No one is shooting "more"... in fact, probably less since prices have risen so much. The "demand" isn't due to more shooting- it's due to panic buying like we see in the picture above.35,000 primers...really?
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