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I wore enough camo when I was in the army that I don't even like camo anymore. My deer hunting is normally in bluejeans, a flannel shirt, and and an earth-tone jacket. When I'm moving about the lease, I wear orange as a safety precaution, but when I'm in my box blind, I see no reason to wear orange. No one can see in the blind, not even the deer. They don't know if I'm wearing orange or not.

For late-season squirrel hunting, I wear orange. The squirrels in our woods have been so acclimatized to orange that they know if you're wearing orange, you're not squirrel hunting. More than a few squirrels have made that mistake, and they only make it once. I also wear orange when hunting rabbits with a pack of dogs and a pack of grandkids. I want everyone to be seen when we're tromping through the woods.
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