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In 2011 I was looking for a BAG day project and wandered into the local pawnbroker. He had a rifle sitting forlorn in the rack, a Savage in .308 that someone had horribly modified. The gun was painted with Krylon, the stock was mis-matched to the action. (That is to say, the stock didn't fit the action. It had only one action bolt holding the stock, and it was bent.) This was a WECSOG job of the most mismanaged type.

I got the rifle for a song. I took it home, dismounted the scope and gave it to a grandkid as a "super-spotter-spy-scope", then removed the stock. I started using paint thinner and 00 steel wool to get the paint off the action. Then I callled Savage with the serial number, determined that the rifle had left the factory as an 11F blind magazine, so I ordered the stock, mag box, and action bolts, plus some assorted small parts that Savage recommended. I found a scope in my pile of used scopes, and mounted it. In about a week, my parts order had arrived, so I assembled the rifle.

Thence to the range with some ammo, and found that it will put three into 0.754 when I do my part. I started casting about for a use for that Choate stock, and my son told me that he wanted it for his Model 10 FLP, so I gave it to him. He took the stock home, cut a chunk out of the left side for his southpaw rifle and filled the hole on the right side of the stock.

Sometimes you can do very well with a pawnshop rifle.
Dennis Dezendorf
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