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Safe to shoot 7.62x51 in Ruger American .308?

Howdy gentlemen,

This is my first post.

I have a question which I'm sure has been asked many times before. I've done some pretty extensive searching on google for the answer and have run into some contradictory facts. So I'd like to see if I could ask again here to get a straight answer.

Picking up my first rifle in a few days, Ruger American in .308
My LGSs have 7.62 in stock, the best of those deals is $40 for 50 rounds. But not specifically .308 win.
My range sells .308 win Federal Match but it's $40 for 20. Which isn't very exciting.

My LGS says I should be fine to shoot the 7.62 outta it. But I'm curious to know what you guys think? Safe to shoot the 7.62? Any opinions and/or personal experience with the above would be much appreciated.

I have a basic understanding of the differences between the two, 62,000 psi from the .308
As opposed to 55,000 psi from the 7.62 NATO. however not 100% sure on the dimension differences and how this would affect other elements of loading and firing, etc.

Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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