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I am big into action shooting... and building AR's and the sort.

I just picked up two nice .22 rifles.. one a CZ that is staying iron sights, and the other a Savage MarkII TR with a Nikon 22rimfire BDC scope, and short bipod.

Figure I can enjoy shooting tight groups with these guns for a long while until the madness stops.

Really tho I work at a gun shop so my life has been hell lately at work. I get 10 guys calling every 15 minutes asking for .223 ammo and we just laugh.

Obama is better than Clinton at selling guns it seems.

Considering I have about 5+ AR's and spare lowers.... 60 some Pmags.. and cases of .223 ammo (most bought before all this) I just laugh at the people paying $2000 for a $700 Bushmaster, and $100 for a $11 Pmag.
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