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A word on equipment:
Round balls,
Later, if you shoot much, consider buying a mold to make your own.

Cloth patches - some pistols like the ball to be wrapped in a cloth patch, may proove more accurate with it. (Pistole La Page for example).

In that case a smaller ball should be used. for cal 44, ball .451 with patch, or .454 witout patch.

Then you need: black powder measure, to measure the load.

Plastic ampoule, which are used to store the powder loads which you prepared at home, and when you get to range, you just pour the measured powder to load to pistol. (saves time at range)

"magic" wads, a buffer, which some people put as a buffer (and sealent) between powder load and a ball. For single shot pistol, not really needed but for revolvers this is a must.

For recolvers you will also need some kind of natural grease / sealant to grease the bullets in cylinder, which grease the bullets and prevent a chain fire. It must be made from natural materials, most people make their own, but for start you can buy in the shop factory made. Do not use industrial oil based grease.

Small basic tolls: srew driver, nipple wrench (if its percussion), soft ruber hammer, players, etc

Rammer. For loading.

Binocular, or a scope to observe the accuracy and your hits on target.

Celaning tools. Gun oil. Spray.

They also say, that whoever gets in BP pistol shooting will eventually get in situation to load the ball without powder.
(So far I was lucky)
But for this kind of situation you will need some kind of a claw to extract the ball out of barrel. Check in your gun shop, what they may have on stock.

This is good enogh for start. Later you will add more bits and pieces, based on your experience and preferences.

Spent blackpowder residues are very corrosive. Barrel and metal parts must be cleaned after each shooting session. To clean the metal parts and barrel, the best is to dismantle the gun completely, and metal parts to be washed in warm water and dishwashing soap.
Later, the gun to be assembled and greased with gun oil.

Black powder shooting is fun, because its part shooting, part reloading, and part home gunsmithing. Cleanining the gun is a bitch.
Hope you will like it.

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