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I think the end of the ammo pricing/availability debacle is in sight
Unfortunately it has only started my friend. I have been told to not expect shipments of reloading primers because they are being allocated to manufacture ammo. The ammo mfg's are working non stop trying to keep up with demand, problem is the demand is unmanageable at the moment.

Our shop has sold out of .22-.308 and any we get in is gone within a few hours.

They won't get their "assault weapons" ban.. and I doubt they will get their magazine ban either, but they are going to come hard for ammo, and universal checks.

I have sold guns for a lot of years.. this is the worst I have ever seen it. Plants were telling us they can't even get the raw materials in the plants fast enough to produce.

I wouldn't expect to find many deals on .223 ammo any time soon.
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