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@ Kealil:

My experience:
Pistol La Page, cal 44, barel 28 cm is more accurate then my Colt Army 1860 Pietta call 44. Tested at range!

So, if you start with BP toys, single shot pistols may impress you.

As far as you decide to switch later to (tradional looking) BP rifle:
You may choose to take real muzzle loader, such as Mountain Hawken rifle.
This one you use by loading powder and ball from muzzle, down the barrel. Ignition is caps. (To load - you must stand)

Or, you may choose to obtain a breech loader, such as Sharps 1863 sporting, Sharps 1859 infantry, or sharps carbine. This rifle is with falling breech system, is loaded "from the back". And if your intention is target shooting then it can be loaded from lying or sitting position, no need to stand up - just for loading.

Sharps with longer barrels were used to 1000 yards competition in the old days, so you may easily like it.

In later versions, they made sharps with cartridge bullets on black powder.

I am planning now to get myself SHarps 1863 sporting, cal 54, with creedmore sight and malcolm scope.

When you put tradional malcolm scope on thet rifle, you will get probably the first sniper in hystory.

Creedmore sight will improve accuracy, in hunting or range shooting alike, not to mention the Malcolm.

Welcome to BP club!

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