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No my Glock was not stolen lol... well not in the literal sense.

I work for a gun shop... we get people trading in guns... if I personally want one, the owner is cool with us buying it personally so as long as we don't do it TOO often.

Guy was trading the Glock in, only fired a box of ammo through it.. 3 mags... Blackhawk leather 3 slot holster. So I paid $200 and took it home with me.

I also bought a 5th AR-15 for $500 the other day, with two mags and a Bushnell Red-dot.

Those aren't even the best deals I'v gotten.... some people really dislike some fantastic guns, and we generally reap the benefits. You'd fall over if I said what I got a H&K P7 for before.

I am considering taking a few different batches of carry ammo I have.. coating some with extra nail polish.. and leaving some how the come from the factory, and soaking them in water over night and run them through the gun, see which works the best.
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