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I misspoke , I meant to write that the 338lm is inherently more accurate. Which ballistically it is.

As for FGMM being $1 per round... I'm some rare places it is. But in most it is slightly more than a dollar and then you add tax and your at $1.25 or more..... Even if you get it for $1, that still doesn't take away from my point that the 338lm is still very reasonable to shoot. It would however be a waste of money shooting it <1000 yards. Every job has its tool, you don't use a sludge hammer to nail in a small nail.

As for the claim that the army decided the 300 win mag was more accurate, please show me this.... All I found is that they chose the 300 because they could save money and upgrade their existing 7.62 snipers, and that the range of 1500 yards was more than enough , so they didn't need 338lm. Show me where they said the 300 win mag was inherently more accurate...
Also, as much as the tactical ninjas think that if the army has it , then it must be the best.. They are dead wrong. The army is outfitted in what makes the most sense realistically and economically. Many times contracts go to the lowest bidder, not the best tool for the job.
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