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What's the highest BC bullet in 30 caliber?
Looking through SMK, the 220 gr has a BC of .711

The 300 gr .338 SMK has a BC of .768

Just using physics, including that of the shooter, the .300 Win Mag's a better choice. So proved in controlled conditions by the US Army tests. Why do you think the 6.5 calibers have been favored for accuracy over anything larger in long range shoulder fired matches?
How can you include physics of a shooter? It is a variable that is not constant from one to the next, and therefore cannot be measured or accounted for as a whole.

What I said was just using physics, meaning taking human error out of the equation, the .338 is the better choice. Yes, it is much less forgiving of human error than a .300 Win mag, .308, or any 6.5mm round, but that was not the discussion.... And I specifically made a point to avoid the argument...
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