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I really dont think anyone with a crow bar can get into my safe... If they had a torch with them then I might say they will get in and even then Im going to say it will take them a long time.
I did a lot of research on safes before I bought one. And what I found wasnt good. Some were made in china with china steel which is 14 gauge steel. Thats like your frig.... Others were made in the USA with china steel and the best I found for $2000 was 10 gauge steel. That didnt impress me. So I found a USA made safe for just over $2000 with 7 gauge steel. Which I am very happy with. I did find a diffrent USA made safe with 7 gauge steel but the price started at $4000.. My safe weighs 800 lbs...

My first line of defence is my 120 lbs dog...
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