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People that don't reload and use factory match ammo,pay that much or even more per round for their 308!
.308 Federal Gold Medal Match can be less than $1/round down least when you can find it.

Folks often say that the longest confirmed sniper kill has been made with 338 Lapua. Without knowing its shooters' hit:miss ratio per shot fired, that's probably just some luck of the odds. May still be if the hit:miss ratio was known. We don't know how may shots he made at that distance and missed, do we? If any of us did that a lot of times on a lot of targets, we too would eventually make a hit with the first shot at one.
That shot was made by the late Chris Kyle. It was a first shot hit, and yes, even he admitted that luck was with him on the shot. In proper hands, the .338 is a better long range round. It shoots heavier bullets, with higher BCs. Just using physics, it has an edge over the .300 Win Mag. Chris Kyle had his choice of rifles available to him, including .300 Win Mags which he used. If he chose the .338 Lapua for an extreme long range application (which he did), there was good reason for it.

Why is the 50 BMG considered inherently more accurate round at long range than some smaller caliber round?
Many think that, but just because they see snipers with big .50 BMGs that it must be the best thing out there. In reality, it isn't, at least for anti-personnel applications.
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