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In a recent test of several cartridges the US Army was having tested by top ranked long range marksmen, the .338 Lapua was easily out performed for both accuracy and first shot hit probability at ranges up to 1500 yards by the .300 Win. Mag. Go figure this out if the .338's thought to be superior to the others. It should be easy to see why considering the shootability of each round in shoulder fired rifles.

Folks often say that the longest confirmed sniper kill has been made with 338 Lapua. Without knowing its shooters' hit:miss ratio per shot fired, that's probably just some luck of the odds. May still be if the hit:miss ratio was known. We don't know how may shots he made at that distance and missed, do we? If any of us did that a lot of times on a lot of targets, we too would eventually make a hit with the first shot at one.

Why is the 50 BMG considered inherently more accurate round at long range than some smaller caliber round?
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