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I can see where your coming from. I have a couple handguns I have wanted to pick up even before the craziness started, but I honestly don't have it in me to search high and low for a decent price for them, or even finding one at all. I went crazy the first few weeks tracking down magazines, but I refuse to put myself through that again. I am just going to let it blow over and save myself the stress.

As far as shooting, I haven't been shooting in 2 months. I have enough ammo put aside for all my guns to make me feel comfortable, but not enough to shoot.

To make things worse the renewal for insurance was up for my local outdoor range, which happened to be a couple weeks after the school shooting, and the insurance company dropped them. The range is owned by the town/county and was used by law enforcement every couple weeks for practice/qualification also. So that remains closed until they can find a new insurance provider. The range was 5 minutes from my house and only $50 a year, the next closest one is 20-30 minutes, $250 a year, plus putting in dues every month to donate my time. Thanks, but no thanks. If I am paying to use your range I am not working a few hours a month for you.
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