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We all just have to get on with our lives. It's a tragedy what some wacked out people have done with weapons lately. It would be good if people like that could be prevented from gaining access to destructive devices of any kind. And while I don't personally own any, "Assault Rifles"; don't want one; don't even like them; I do believe that individual citizens have a right to own them. Whatever the standard U.S. service rifle is ought to be the standard by which to judge what's an appropriate weapon for an American citizen to own. Perhaps full auto versions ought to be restricted to individuals that have completed a National Guard sponsored course that any citizen in reasonably good standing could sign up for.... But it's doubtful that will happen. I expect we'll get more restrictions. If I ever actually need an AR or AK with a 30 round mag I'll just pick the first handy one up off the ground from a fallen comrade. In the mean time, I'm happier with an antique Winchester. I support your right to own one, but nothing modern really charms me.
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