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So what if there is an amnesty? An amnesty would be nothing more than a deadline extension. What happens after *that* date when people fail to register? Again, they would be charged with criminal possession of a firearm on the basis of failing to register that firearm.
But what about an "eternal amnesty". I.e. if we catch you prior to registering you are in big trouble but, if at any time, you come clean, we'll wipe the slate on that. I am reminded of the need for each male of 18 years to register with selective service. To not do so shortly after their birthday they can face MAJOR penalties (in reality the rarely if ever do). However, if a 25 year old--6 years late!--decides to do it, he's good to go. His cut off date is 26. Then it's too late, he really missed the bus, but that is a very long amnesty indeed.
Canada passed a long gun registration in 1996? anyway, very few people registed their long guns. the deadline was extended, and very few registered their weapons,,,and extended etc..until Harper came along and campaigned to eliminate the long gun registration that was supposed to of cost $30 million, and had already cost $3 billion It was estimated that only 20% or so of the long guns in Canada had been ever registered, and no registered gun had been involved in a crime. Kind of like the Cobis program in NY eh?
I strongly suspect a registration of firearms in NY will go the same way. Perhaps it would have had better luck before, but now that people will continually look to the failure of Canada, this registration must fight an uphill battle against a self-fulfilled prophecy, in a way. FWIW my personal feelings are the ammo registration will be a greater waste of time. Although it will by its nature enforce a very high rate of compliance, the huge amounts of data, the uselessness of them, and its ongoing costs as time goes on will threaten its staying alive, IMO.
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