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James K
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"I think in the 60's and 70's a lot of people thought of the Ruger kinda like they think of the Taurus now."

IMHO, not the same situation at all. When Ruger introduced their first DA revolver, c. 1973, they had a solid reputation for quality and reliability built on their .22 auto pistols, their single action revolvers, and their long guns. Reports of problems with any Rugers were almost non-existent, and few if any quality control issues were ever raised. Not everyone liked the Ruger DA revolvers, but not many warned against them or called them "junk."

Unfortunately, there have been many reports of problems with Taurus guns, and Q/C issues continue to surface. I have little doubt that the majority of Taurus guns are well made and serviceable, but too high a percentage seem to have troubles, and the result is that many prospective buyers shy away from them.

Jim K
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