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In these days of shortages.....

If you can't be with the powder you love; love the powder you're with. I've used a lot of powders in 45 Colt. There are a lot of good ones, several great ones, and others not so good. I've never used Clays but according to some here, it's a good one. Nowadays with the current run on components it's good to know what will work well as a substitute for your favorite powder when it's out of stock. My favorite powder for a certain performance level is Hodgdon HS-7; a powder that has been discontinued. My other favorites are Titegroup; Unique; and AA-9. Those four powder cover the spectrum of performance levels I want out of the 45 Colt. Here's a partial list of other powders that have worked well for me: Red Dot; W-231/HP-38; Green Dot; AA-5; IMR-4227. An interesting powder that every owner of a 45 Colt should try at least once in their life is the original black-powder. I used as much fffG black-powder as I could pack under a 255 grain cast lead bullet and it was impressive. It's not a light target load by any means. It's the load that built the 45 Colt's reputation as a powerful weapon.
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