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As much as I like my 44 Specials and even my pre-War Heavy Duty my favorite N-frames are the ones chambered in 45 ACP. And, the best of them is the custom blue steel "Mountain Gun".

Custom because S&W never made one in carbon steel, only the stainless 625 MG. I found a M25-2 that someone had re-barreled with a tapered 6.5" Model of 1950 barrel. I sent it to my gunsmith with instructions to turn it into a Mountain Gun. He cut the barrel to 4", pinned the ramp to the barrel's rib, then pinned the sight blade to the ramp (the way Smith used to do it). He round butted the frame, beveled the leading edge of the cylinder and bead blast & blued the whole thing. Oh, and he timed the action, properly indexed the cylinder, removed excess end-shake and smoothed the trigger action.

Yea, this has to be my favorite N-frame. (smile)

RSVN '69-'71
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