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Wisconsin 7th district rep, Sean Duffy

Attended a very excellent round table local discussion with my representative, 7th district Sean Duffy. Many topics were discussed, but of course gun control was prominent.
He assurred us, that there would be no AWB nor mag ban. He stated that the votes just aren't there, either in the House nor the Senate.
He did state, that there would be legislation tightning up reporting information to ncic.
After really listening to him and judging his character, I fell I can believe him.
So, I just want to go on record to those that have been gouging on semis and ammo, I will not forget your names. Whether you be on gun broker or gun auction, whether you be a sporting goods store or a greedy private inividual, I will remember your names.
As a foot note to the meeting, it would also appear, that gun shows are clearly not decided yet. In judging all the comments about gun shows being overpriced and not worth going to, as in my own experience, requiring background checks would be no inconvience for me. As for private sales, in this day and age, I wouldn't sell a gun privately to anyone, that I couldn.t check out on Wisconsin CCAP or thru the local sheriffs department. Common sense tells me I don't want the liability.
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