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Originally Posted by WarBirdLover
All the deer I see shot on tv using those expensive bullets run.
Almost every deer I've ever seen shot runs away, and that's quite a few. At least several dozen.

I can count the ones that were DRT on one hand.

I've seen 75lb button bucks shot square in the chest from 40 yards away with a Savage ML10II smokeless muzzle loader throwing a 300gr bullet at 2,300fps, leaving a fist sized exit hole run 50 yards plus.

I saw a doe shot from just a few feet with a 12ga slug that blew her aorta off her heart, run 150 yards+.

I've seen them shot with 243Win, 7m-08, .30-06, 12ga, 20ga, rifled slugs, sabot slugs, "premium" bullet and standard cup and core bullet, muzzleloaders of all kinds, and who knows what else.

Almost all of them run.

In terms of expanding "soon enough", watch videos like those on Barne's website and tell me how far that bullet penetrates before it expands.
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