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That is just crazy. Politicians have no business running anything.

And yes, they are spot on with the traffic tickets because that is easy money. You can hardly contest them anymore and I even had a conversation with my lawyer when I had a couple due to an error and I was trying to contest. He made a few calls and pretty much said there is absolutely nothing you can do.

So the great state of Chicago is now going to be know world wide for Parking Tickets rather than anything else. Police hang out in the DD's all over but will not respond to a home robbery? Glad the CCW is almost ready because it looks like you will pretty much have to defend yourself.

Oh yea, and to support the crime work by traffic stops, today on the news a bandit who was holding up hair salons was caught up in Evanston (1st Suburb North of City) because a citizen saw a partial plate and phoned it in. Again, if he had taken a taxi he would not have gotten caught. And this was after 11!!! robberies.

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