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I am a fan of the Hogue HandAll. It did not state it was for either my SR9 (9mm) or PX4 (40 cal). I put it on both of them after setting the grips to their smallest setting. I had a slight soft spot at the top near the tang but that fits the soft part of the hand webbing so not a problem. I used thin stiff plastic sheet from a syllabus, cut into long strip so it could act as a glide for the rubber grip to get it on the gun handle. Once the grip was worked down, I removed the plastic by pulling on the excess plastic lengths. The Hogue grip has finger grooves and helps the perceived recoil bounce. The Hogue grips aren't bothered by hand moisture from a long hot day of shooting. One more thing that might help. First, no hot load in the chamber and no mag in the gun. Then pick up the gun by the barrel side and opening your gun hand wide and then placing the gun firmly in the hand then wrap your fingers around. Some times picking up the gun like most do leaves the extra skin and muscle/fat in the palm. Its just a temporary help guide to get used the feel of the gun all the way back into the hand. Once you get used to that feel, then you can adjust your normal picking up of the gun like usual. If the gun isn't all the way into the hand, the next shots are worsened because it effects your trigger finger placement and the angle you pull the trigger back with.
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