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went and got it today from my ffl. the gun is in pretty nice shape with a bright and shiny bore, nice grooves. there is a little holster wear on it but over all nice gun. j and g sales didnt ship out the ammo i ordered with it and for some damn dumb ass reason they are shipping the ammo to my ffl as well. so when it comes in will have to drive the 45miles to his place to pick it up again. but oh well maybe my dies for the 40s&w will be in also. anyway now im jonesing to go shoot the damn gun cause it just feels right in the hand.

gotta find some extra mags for it now and in the next couple weeks am going to get a romamian if i like this one as im sure i will cause it just feels like it belongs in my hand. been a busy week for guns for me got 3 since monday lol. wifes getting a little ****** but she knew how i was 24yrs ago when we got married
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