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For all they are worth Heller and McDonald have not made much headway for gun rights.
Disagree. In only 3 years since McDonald, we already have recognition by the antis that they can't take away our guns, hence all these nuisance bills attempting to box in the RKBA into as small an area as possible. It represents a complete shift in their goal, which was complete elimination of guns.

The fact they've only had a few years shows in their immature, incoherent and largely unconstitutional strategy. Many of these new bills, even if passed into law, will not survive challenges in court.

If Kachalsky goes well (and you'd have to be pretty pessimistic not to at least acknowledge it has a decent chance, given cert), it'll be another total paradigm shift for the antis, and even the lower courts will then know which way the wind is blowing, furthering our cause.

3 years is nothing in legal time, esp at the SCOTUS level. To expect the many anti judges of the lower courts to fall in step this quickly is unrealistic. Having to wait this long just to get a right with which we were all born surely sucks The Big One, but that's our system, we just need to give it time.
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