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receiver sight options

I would like to install some type of sight set; the rear being mounted to either the receiver ring or bridge. I am already aware of the Lyman, Redfield and Williams options - the Williams guide being the closest to what I have in mind. Are there any models out there that come close? Have any of you bolt guys taken advantage of any of the sea of tactical offerings intended for AR's? What might the lowest height AR sight be? I am fine with the height that the front would need to be; from my days as a highpower shooter I even have plenty of bases to help get the front up there.
The rear needs to be adjustable for both W and E. Actually, if someone made an M1 sight that clamped to a standard Weaver base, we'd be getting very close.
Intended use is short range deer hunting and my eyes are much less strained with a rear that is close to my eye (Yes, I see the joke I just made!).
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