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1911 was made for down and dirty usage,
the BHP was refinement of the 1911 for the 9mm
I am not sure why you would think this.... The BHP was a contract gun for the military just like the 1911. They were both designed to be combat pistols both have served different militarizes all over the world in the down and dirty. IMHO the BHP has actually seen a lot more combat than the 1911 when you consider how many people have adopted it all over the world vs the fairly limited use of the 1911 by militarizes world wide.

The BHP is not a refined 1911 it borrows aspects from JMBs other designs like the 1911 but there is no documentation to support he used the 1911 as the starting point for the BHP. In fact it was already in development before the 1911 patents expired. Some of the 1911s patent elements were introduced by Savie but this does not make the BHP a more refined 1911. It is its own design built to meet the specs of the French contract. The Belgians used it but the French never adopted it. I hear this claim all the time but there never seems to be any real basis for it in fact.

That does not change the fact that the BHP is a great pistol.
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