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I have several N frames....

a. model 27's in 4" and 6" ( Nickel and Blued )
b. model 28's in 6" ...all blued...(that's all they made)
c. model 29's in 4", 6" and 8 3/8" ....some blued and some Nickel
c. model 629's 3" and 8 3/8" ...( stainless - that's all they made)

.357 Mag is my all time favorite caliber in a S&W revolver. Model 27's and 28's were some of the first revolvers I shot, when I was a kid in the 50's ....( 158 gr bullets, very accurate, recoil is not abusive...)...

.... and the model 28's were the guns that my uncle and my step-dad carried as country law enforcement officers - the "Highway Patrolman" - and a family friend, who was a Highway Patrolman, carried one as well.

Model 27's ....were rare in my family when I was growing up ( fancy finish on that gun) vs the model 28 with its satin blue finish ...
If I have to pick one S&W revolver( I have about 25 of them now ) out of my safe, as a favorite it would be a 4" Nickel, model 27-2 ....I'm very fond of that gun...I'm reasonably quick with it in and our of a holster, its long enough to shoot relatively accurately for Tactical practice, fit and finish on it is excellent ( and I have well over 5,000 rds thru it, and I've only owned it about 1 yr....)

This photo is kind of crummy of it ....but its next to a Henry Big Boy rifle in .357 mag...and a Freedom Arms 4 3/4" ocatagonal barrel single action in .357 mag ...that I'm also fond of....but the model 27-2 4" I have is a special gun to me.
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