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project update

well now, i broke down and bought the ncstar 2x-7x with illuminated cross hairs.

it looks nice and came with lens caps (russian style ill get usa flip covers) a battery spare, allen wrench and 2 low profile rings (yay i wanted these)

mounted it to the brass stacker, i need to hook to rifle now... anyway i found out my old solid case wont fit the mosin so i ordered the bulldog 52+ inches and it supposedly does well with a scope.

scope has 7 illumination stages, and 2x-7x magnification, very quick when quick aiming, its not zeroed yet but it has a fixed parralax so dont complain, a scope like this years ago would be military only im glad i have it, works great at night front lens dosnt emit light and makes you hard to find, low level is best. got on deal on amazon for 48$ 2 day shipping.

now im looking for a muzzel break and i stumbled upon this one. looks good and could be quite entertaining.

for those who dont know what a muzzel break is, its like a blow off valve, redirecting gas up and to sides of gun to counter rise and recoil. also it will make it loud! and have a concussive effect. this is great on the m1a as when i shoot it i see a sphere effect while in grass, it literally makes a blast sphere from gun that eminates out and you FEEL it. its fun and functional for gun, if someone has tried the above break please detail your experiance

'another method is to make a screw rivits on barrel so you can screw on the ak or sks breaks
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