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$450.00 out the door?

$450.00 out the door?,,,
You got a good deal my friend.

Even if it isn't in pristine condition,,,
People pay premium prices for the older S&W rimfires.

Close to three years ago I happily paid $375 + tax for my Model 18,,,
Mine is tight but does show a lot of normal holster wear,,,
Very recently I was offered $550.00 for my old gal.

I turned it down as I would not be able to replace it,,,
For anywhere close to that amount.

At the Evil Pawn Shop you might see a nice Model 15 sit on the shelf for a long while,,,
Pretty much any S&W rimfire will go very fast and command a higher price.

Very recently a Model 34 snubbie that was in very nice condition,,,
Went out the door for $500.00 + tax after just a few days.

You got a great deal on that revolver my friend,,,
I applaud your bargaining skills.


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