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Tarus Tracker I Think?

I was just given a Tarus Revolver. The box is marked 44KL SS Comp and the barrel has a serial number then 44 Mag. It is a 4" barrel stainless steal with target sights and rubber grips. The cylinder holds six rounds.

I will post Pics tonight when I get home.

My question is.......Is this a tracker and if so should I keep it or do away with it because it is lowly tarus?

I could use a Bear pistol and was thinking of getting a 44 Mag revolver for that reason and to possibly hunt with.

I hear hit or miss things regarding Tarus revolvers. I am leaning towards keeping it and shooting Mid range 44 mag with it which would be way more potent on a bear than my next largest pistol A Glock 23 with a .357 sig G32 barrel.

What do you guys think?

Regards, Vermonter


With the above in mind does anyone have any comment on this specific model?

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