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What Shep said. Totally agree on having a compass. Even better...a GPS, an orienteering compass and a back up compass. (Comapasses can break too.)

That GPSfiledepot site is a treasure trove for Garmin maps. Topos are the main thing, but they also have "transparent" overlay maps that you can run with the topos. Government "land ownership" is a really nice overlay. Topo data and you can tell if you are one gubbmint land or private, at a glance. My wife and I have taken up hiking again and there is a "trail" overlay that has the whole AT and a lot of other, popular trails. That map overlay has all the waypoints for the AT's shelters, camps, water holes, etc. Just remember that that site's content it all user compiled, so a small donation helps keep the lights on. A $20 donation is a pittance compared to what you'd pay Garmin for lesser content.
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