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I have been moly coating bullets for 11 years.
I think moly allows me more accurate shots before I have to clean Copper from the bore when shooting between 2600 and 3600 fps.

It does not help as much as having a select match barrel that has been lapped at the factory and is mirror smooth inside.

I started out with the Lyman kit; ceramic media, vibrator, screen separator, moly powder
I evolved into using BBs and magnetic separation.
Then I went to using bottles filled with just a few BBs or none at all, and the bottle thrown in a large vibrator with Walnut media.
Now I use a duck taped up bottle and put it in a Thumbler's Tumbler with no media.

I got started from something Walt Berger put on his web site before he sold his bullet company[I]

{Sorry. Good info, but kind of stretches the board copyrighted information policy. Could you put in a link instead? If there is none, we should drop WB a line and get his express permission.}

Here is some good info
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