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The XVR isn't a bad gun.../ but neither is it a "popular gun" ??

I have about 25 S&W revolvers/and they're some of my favorite guns...and I know a lot of collectors/shooters that have twice that many S&W's ....and all of us keep looking at the XVR's ...but none of us have added them to our collections..

Its a combination of the weight, caliber, etc....and at the right price, I may add one someday --- but I don't think I'd shoot it very much / so I just keep looking at them. Last one I saw locally was a Performance Center gun, 10" barrel I think ...and it sold, lightly used, for about $ 1,200..../ but it was in the sales case, of a local shop, for at least a year ( and it just sold 3 weeks ago -- during all this frenzy )....because the guy thought it was cool..
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