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It is required here in SC on state lands though not many people follow it. I normally don't wear it going into my stand in the AM or coming out in the PM because it is dark. During the daytime, I wear it when walking in or out just as a precaution. On the club we have to tag in and out of our stands as well as sign in. The stands are spaced so that you really cannot see or encounter someone going in to yours unless they aren't supposed to be there. Doesn't matter to me, I want it on.

I never do any walking during deer season in the woods without having the BO on, just foolish not to if you ask me. When I take my favorite hunting partner with me, he looks like a traffic cone I have so much on him. Heck my dogs wear BO vest in the field, wouldn't want to shoot my GSP's at all, reminds me I need to get a couple of new ones.
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