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I use both the onboard loading levers and a cylinder press and either way I always put down a shop rag or handkerchief to catch powder spills and rings. I've always wadded it up and brought it back home to reclaim. I thought everyone did too!!!

I really like the bucket idea. I'm going to give that one a try myself.

A thought on the wad-cutter or semi-wad-cutter bullets... I envision the lids getting holes punched out far more often than the bullets you used in your pictures. I could be wrong but I'd like to know how it works out when you try them.

Instead of steel in bottom of the bucket, I like the mud flap idea. I wonder if they are tough enough to stop as reliably as the steel. Maybe multiple layers?
I'm just worried my range officer will assume steel means ricochets and reject it. He barely approved my steel dueling tree.

I'm thinking multiple buckets for my Cowboy Action Shooting practice. FAR CHEAPER than buying steel targets for just me. And much easier to pack and carry.

You got my imagination going now...

On bucket targets; how about spray paint flat black, then spray paint a target stencil in white instead of paper and staples?

Thanks again, great idea!
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