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I once shot an antelope at 200 yards broadside with a 30/06 using a 180 grain Speer SBT. I had a decent rest and shot the animal in the shoulder hoping the put it down as we were on private property and close to the property line. At the shot a large cloud of dust rose at the antelope’s front foot. I felt very good about the shot and knew there was no way I had just missed my mark, especially by that much! The antelope limped over a hill before I could get another round off so I high-tailed it to the top and finish it with a spine shot. What I found while working on the animal was that the first shot had hit exactly where I was aiming, dead center of the shoulder. The bullet penetrated the skin, struck a bone hard enough to break it, then turned 90 degrees and exited the lower shoulder striking the ground next to the foot. That particular hunt was a combo and I shot an elk and a deer with the same reloads and had no problems proving to me that something had to be very wrong with that one bullet. Air pocket in the core? Bad jacket? Your guess is as good as any I can come up with. Since then I have always used premium bullets on game
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