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I like those hunting shows myself. Its a nice break from all the other crazy violent movies and shows being shown. Although I don't get as excited as the hunters on screen do. To watch someone else hunt and be successful kind of pleases me. But I've been heard out loud occasionally criticizing one hunter or another for his or her's poorly made shots on game that were filmed. But for the most part the scenery and the animals behavior in those shows are indeed interesting. This time of year. Those fellows & gals seen hunting on TV are where I would prefer to be no doubt. In reality where I am. (At the excited behest of my wife just now.) I've turned my head and I'm now looking out a window to cold reality with two feet snow on the ground and observe a large fawn walking down a city street in front of our house just moping along looking here & there at the different houses.~~ Huh!! strange.~~ "You know it ain't so bad being here after all."_
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