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First its a good price for an AR. I am seeing Bushmaster going to $1500 here and they are getting it.

As for RRA, I like and dislike them.

I bought an ATH model though I wanted a 16 inch barrel and during the back and forht they said no issue you could order it that way.

Very nice gun, very well done, trigger (chrome two stage match) is great and the chromed bolt carrier was a nice bonus I did not have to pay for. Very nice looking AR with the bead blasted stainless barrel.

It jammed out of the box and after some poking and prodding I found the gas block was loose. Ok, I should have checked but I do not expect that out of an RRA priced gun.

The other disappointment has been the accuracy. The ATH is guaranteed 3/4 MOA with match grade ammunition.

Follow up on that also found that when they put the 16 inch barrel on, that changed it to 1 inch guaranteed.

I have not even gotten that out of it and will see with some reloads and careful testing and I am using a scope.

Again nice gun, but not what I expected accuracy wise and having them shift the situation and not tell me the whole story frankly ****** me off.

And while not a big deal, when it got ordered as a 16 inch, it also lost the winter trigger guard (which in cold climate I am in was a plus). Again not a show stopper but pretty selective on the information.

With the gas block fix it shoot totally reliable and handles well.
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