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Is this an acceptable grease for the M1A?

Someone recommended this particular Valvoline Multi Purpose Grease for lubing the M1A. I'm a less than occasional shooter and will be shooting, initially, factory 150 grain ammo.

Here's the description from Autozone website:

This is a premium-quality, heavy-duty grease engineered for maximum performance and protection in the most demanding service for disc brake wheel bearings, suspension systems, universal joints, steering linkages and chassis. Extreme-pressure, high-temperature protection lubricants at temperatures ranging from -40° F to 400° F NLGI #2 grade GC-LB lithium complex EP grease GM 1051344. NLGI GC-LB. Supersedes GM 1051195.

Also, I repeatedly read that one should not take the gun apart any more than absolutely necessary as it adversely impacts the stock. I have a M1A Standard. If I take it apart more than once a year, does the gun shoot loose, or something?

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